The Father of American Kenpo Karate: Ed Parker

Father of American Kenpo

Ed Parker’s dad joined his son in Judo Martial Arts classes during in his 12 years of existence. Parker acquired his Shodan in Judo Martial Arts in 1949 at 18 years of his existence. After getting his brown belt in Kenpo, he shifted to where he live, to join Brigham Young School and began to teach his styles. Parker was raised in Hawaii in 1931 and began training in Martial arts and later boxing. Sometime in the 40’s, Ed Parker was first introduced to Kenpo by William Chow a trainee of James Mitose. William Chow practiced Parker while working in the Coast Guard and joing Brigham Young School. In 1953 he was ranked up to the rank of black belt. Parker, seeing that modern times provided new conditions that were not about in Kenpo, developed the art to make it more easily appropriate to the roads of The the united states and known as his style, American Kenpo Karate.