Martial Arts Explained

People usually associate martial arts with Asians or Jackie Chan’s hit movies. However, there something that goes deeper than what people see in martial arts. In reality, martial arts, originating from Latin words and associated with Mars, the roman god of war, comprises numerous codified and systematized combat modes. Though these modes vary to some extent, they are all aimed at achieving one common goal: to defend against threats and to beat opponents.

For most people, all types of martial arts are just the same. However, different martial art forms actually focus on different aspects, such as striking styles, grappling styles, and throwing styles. Thus, people who want to learn martial arts should realize that main styles taught in one specific martial art may overlap with other styles taught in other combat types.

Defend styles include striking, standing, blocks, punches, and kicks. These styles also keep a person standing on his feet and perfect for getting out of an undesirable situation without a hitch. Some styles that are popular for their kicking styles include Karate and Taekwon-do.

On the other hand, grappling is a technique used for bringing the opponent to the ground. Martial arts focusing on these styles is mainly used for defending against an attacker. Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and sumo wrestling are examples of martial arts that focus on grappling styles.

Throwing styles are different from grappling styles, but they tend to overlap. People learning martial arts must then be able to differentiate such styles. Throwing styles focus on throwing and taking down opponents to continue the fight while on the ground. Judo and Aikido are martial arts that specialize in throwing styles.

Meanwhile, other martial arts, such as mixed martial arts, are combinations of different combat styles.

To share their knowledge in martial arts, some martial art clubs collaborate to provide free instructions on different sports, including Judo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Taekwon-do and Mixed Martial arts. These free sessions are a great help especially for beginners who have little knowledge on the world of martial arts.