I.K.K.A Crest


The style of the I.K.K.A Crest was finished in 1958 when the art of American Kenpo was getting worldwide reputation. The crest style was intended to symbolically signify the art’s upgraded form while at the same time recognizing the origins of American Kenpo in traditional China and Japanese martial arts.

Tiger- Symbolizes courage, power, and real physical strength

Dragon- Symbolizes quintessence, fluidity, and speed, but also religious strenght and the later level of a martial art’s learning.

Circle- The circle represents eternity or continuity.

Dividing Lines- The lines within the circle signify the authentic methods of attack first discovered by historical experts of the Chinese Martial Arts.

Circle- The colors are representations of expertise within the art alluding to the colored belt rank program.

Chinese Characters- The writing symbolizes the art’s Eastern origins.

Shape- The form of the crest symbolizes the framework of a house.